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Software Solutions



Q-Paramics is one of the most widely used microscopic traffic simulators by researchers and practitioners. It has the most powerful API programming capabilities.

Quadstone Paramics is a leadingmicroscopic traffic and pedestrian simulation software used by planning professionals to design efficient, economical, driver and pedestrian friendly transportation infrastructure allowing operational assessment for current and future year traffic conditions, detailed reporting of key MOE’s and high definition presentations to non-technical stake holders.

The Paramics software is fully scalableand designed to handle scenarios as wide-ranging as a single intersection through to a congested freeway or the modeling of an entire city’s traffic system. Used in over 80 countries world-wide by thousands of customers including commercial consultants, cutting edge transportation researchers and state-funded Government agencies, Paramics is the most consistently dependable traffic planning application available today.



Cube is a software from Citilabs. The software is the most commonly used travel demand modeling software and has the activity-based modules. Cube is the only modeling platform that covers all aspects related to transportation planning, engineering, and land-use. With an open platform, Cube allows you to build and calibrate models of any type.

  • DATA MANAGEMENT: Create, edit, and visualize your data. Cube provides seamless support for Esri Geodatabases and ArcGIS Online.

  • SCENARIO MANAGEMENT: Define and organize an unlimited number of scenarios, easily document your input assumptions, and reproduce the results for hundreds of archived alternatives.

  • APPLICATION MANAGEMENT: Intuitively build models using a visual, flow-chart style, user interface. The applications clearly document the process flows

Cube provides modules to answer specific what-if type questions regarding changes to the transportation networks, land-use, and the population. Whether you need to model regional travel demands or understand all the details of traffic operations and parking at an airport, Cube provides the best solution for your needs today and in the future.



Synchro is the most powerful and widely used signal optimization software.

Synchro is a macroscopic analysis and optimization software application. Synchro supports the Highway Capacity Manual’s (HCM) 6th Edition, 2010 and 2000 for signalized intersections, unsignalized intersections and roundabouts. Synchro also implements the Intersection Capacity Utilization method for determining intersection capacity. Synchro’s signal optimization routine allows the user to weight specific phases, thus providing users more options when developing signal timing plans. Because the software is easy to use, traffic engineers are modeling within days, thus adding to the number of reasons why Synchro remains the leading traffic analysis application.