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Wi-Fi Scanner from Acyclica

The RoadTrend is the premier workhorse for congestion data collection! Designed to optimize the collection process, the RoadTrend can collect over 250,000 records per hour, providing a new benchmark in performance. The compact data collection device needs only power, communication and a 2.4 GHz antenna to collect MAC addresses and derive traffic information, crowd density, etc.


Air Quality monitoring unit from CLR Analytics

iAQBox is a smart all-in-one roadside air quality monitoring device. The device integrates the state-of-the-art air quality sensors, together with meteorological sensors, into a portable, ready-to-mount, and cost-effective unit to measure air pollutants and meteorological data that can be used for many different applications, such as impact of traffic related pollution on air quality and analyzing the association of health issues with air quality.


Wireless Structural Monitoring from Resensys

Our structural health monitoring solution is composed of wireless and low-power sensors (SenSpot™), communication gateway (SeniMax™), and central server and client software (SenScope™). Resensys SenSpot™ sensors are ideal in applications where low cost, long endurance, and easy installation are important. Example applications of SenSpot™ include:

  • Monitoring loading condition in critical components.

  • Monitoring deformation and displacement

  • Monitoring vibration patterns

VSign Portatble

Traffic Data Collector and Classifier from CLR Analytics

VSignPortable Traffic Classifier is a portable high-resolution traffic detection device that detects and classifies vehicles and bicycles based on inductive loop signature technology. It is composed of two to four I-Loop Duo signature detector cards, one VSignMaster communication gateway, and one 12V battery. Communication with VSignPortable is provided by USB and Ethernet on the VSignMaster gateway, which collects, processes, and stores inductive loop signature data from signature detector cards.

Road Runner 3

Tube Counter from Diamond Traffic Products

The Diamond Traffic Products Road Runner 3 has the latest in traffic counting and classification technology at the most affordable price.
With an engineered ten year life and unparalleled five-year warranty, you get incredible power and reliability without any maintenance required. The unit features a no hassle set-up, extra large storage capacity and a watertight assembly that weigh just under 1 pound.

Omega X3

Tube Counter from Diamond Traffic Products

The Omega X3 is an event Timestamp Counter/Classifier vehicle traffic recording unit that uses pneumatic road tube sensors to record vehicles and bicycles in mixed traffic. the unit also optionally records Bluetooth MAC address data for travel time or Origin/Destination data. The unit is compact and includes a lightweight case that is watertight (rated IP67) and ruggedized. It is programmable by the onboard keypad and graphics display, or by a PC using a USB cable or Bluetooth wireless communication.

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